Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Dog's Purpose MOVIE Review


I had two screenings in one night, A Dog’s Purpose versus Triple XXX. I went back and forth between the theatres and finally decided on A Dog’s Purpose. Here’s the review:

Maybe we need to change the cliché of cats having nine lives to dogs. Apparently dogs are reincarnated too! What we know for sure is dogs are a man’s best friend. Dogs provide a little sunshine on the cloudiest of days and little laughter on a bad day. If you don’t have an affinity for dogs, you might after seeing this movie.

The movie stars Bryce Gheisar, Britt Robinson, and Dennis Quaid. It was a pleasure seeing Dennis Quaid. Where has he been? Ok, so he’s a friend in my mind, don’t judge! The voice of the dog provided the jokes and was nicely done by Josh Gad.

As the movie takes us through the lives of different dogs in different families, it holds your attention, because the dogs are so darn cute. It was realistic how the movie portrayed good and bad dog owners. Like people some are born into wealth and loving families, while others aren’t. Same story for the dogs.

The movie was refreshing and entertaining and makes you smile throughout. It was a great message and you will walk away feeling good. I give it a 9!

PARENT TIP (newly added section): It is appropriate for all ages and the message transcends to all ages.

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