Friday, January 13, 2017

SPLIT - Movie Review

Thank you Universal Studios. Normally I would not pick a movie of this genre, but the screening gave me a reason to see the movie. 

It was the perfect movie to see on Friday the 13th. It had suspense, drama, intrigue and intense action. Because I believe in the art and craft of acting, I can appreciate the acting skills of the cast. Especially the main character(s). It takes a great deal of acting ability to play just one character, not to mention a character with 23, perhaps 24 personalities. As if that wasn't enough, each character was distinct and you knew each time his character changed which personality he represented. In most cases, a movie of this story line would be hard to follow. However, they did a good job with the depth of the characters.

There were a couple scenes that were disturbing. I was saddened knowing it is the reality for some, so those images stayed with me. In short, if you like a well-written, unpredictable, dark, suspense drama, then this is the movie for you to see. For me, I give it a 7.

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